Rocket Bazaar add-ons are the additional features that you can add to Rocket Bazaar base suite to enhance your marketplace.
Mass upload/Bulk product listing
  • Automatic CSV template generation for vendors' selling categories.
  • Separate page to dynamically list valid attribute values.
  • Supports simple and configurable product request import.
  • Ability to quickly update stock status and offers.
  • Prevention of wrong product requests by detecting errors in CSV data.
  • Ability to upload product images in bulk.
Vendor Promotions
  • Allow vendors to create and manage promotions and coupons.
  • Ability to add promotions by vendor from vendor panel.
  • Promotions applied to vendor products only.
  • Admin can create sales rules by specifying vendors to apply promotion rules to specific vendors' products only.
  • Ability to setup coupon code.
  • Free shipping promotions.
Vendor - Microsites
  • A separate landing page for the vendors.
  • Display product collection of the respective vendor only.
  • Display vendor logo, description, banner, reviews & rating, delivery and return policy, social media icons linked to vendor's social media accounts.
  • Ability to specify meta information for the vendor landing page.
Vendor - Membership
  • Charge vendors to sell on your marketplace.
  • Admin can define multiple membership levels and corresponding fees and duration.
  • Admin can define product listing limitations per each membership level
  • Define multiple recurring billing frequencies.
  • Define separate rates of commission, marketplace fee and cancellation fee as per the membership level.
  • Enable vendors to select and pay for available membership types at registration.
  • Vendor will be notified before specified duration for expiration of membership.
  • Separate page to compare memberships.
  • Limit allowed categories as per the membership level.
  • System will automatically suspend/reactive vendors' products based on vendors' payment statuses.
  • Allows admin to run promotional campaigns to discount vendors on membership packages.
  • Admin has the facility to enable/disable the Multi Shipping feature.
  • Admin can allow different shipping methods for vendors.
  • Vendors can give different shipping origin address.
  • Vendors can set their allowed shipping methods.
  • Multiple shipping method selection is possible at checkout and estimation.
  • Shipping and freight selection at vendor level.
Zipcode Serviceability Check
  • Admin can import serviceable zip codes in admin panel with COD availability status.
  • A widget on product page allow customers to check if the product can be delivered to their location.
  • Disallows checkout if the customer's zip code is not serviceable.
  • Enables/disables cash on delivery payment method according to customer's zip code.
Shipping - per Product Flat Rate
  • Admin can enable/disable shipping method.
  • Admin can export/import default shipping rates for multiple sku(s).
  • Vendors can add shipping rate for his/her product while add/edit product from vendor panel.
  • Vendors can export/import shipping rates for multiple sku(s).
Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Customers can generate a return request by specifying the reason to return, condition of the received item, quantities and resolution along with message for the vendor and attaching a photo of the delivered item.
  • Admin can manage the different statuses of the RMA, allowed reasons and resolution types. Admin can also generate RMA for an order from admin panel.
  • Customer, vendor and Admin can see the RMA history.
  • Customer, Admin and Vendor can communicate for a particular return request.
  • Allow specific number of days after order completion to request return for ordered items. The return request eligibility period can be settled different per product.
  • RMA can also be controlled at product level if there is a product line which cannot be returned back once purchased.
  • Admin can manage return policy.
  • Notifications to the respective entities when the return request progresses.
Ewallet & Store Credits
  • Store credit can be used as a quick refund option.
  • Customers can buy using store credit. If the order total exceeds available store credit amount, customer can pay the remaining amount by some other payment method.
  • Customers can top up store credit amount.
  • Marketplace administrator can see transaction history and manage store credit for customers.
  • Notifications to the respective entities when the store credit is updated.
SMS notification - Twilio

Note: SMS notification add-on requires Twilio SMS service subscription.

  • SMS notifications for admin, vendors, and customers.
  • Notification to vendors on account updates.
  • Product approval/disapproval notifications.
  • Order progress notifications to vendors and customers.
  • Admin can enable/disable notifications for a vast number of events happen in marketplace.
ElasticSearch ®
  • Automatic suggestion for better user experience.
  • Smart correction when text query is misspelled.
  • Search on product attribute options.
  • Search on categories and CMS pages too.
  • Autocomplete feature.
  • Handle thousands of products easily.
Social Media Login
  • Faster login/registration with social network.
  • Ajax based Login/Registration.
  • Login with 16 widely used social media account.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn & so on.
  • Post login set Auto redirection on desired page.
  • Set desired position of social login bar.
Product Question & Answer
  • Customers can ask questions on product page.
  • Vendors and customers can answer and mark the questions and answers as helpful or not helpful.
  • Customers can search and sort the questions.
  • Admin can moderate the questions and answers posted by customers and vendors.
  • Configurable email notification to the respective vendors and past customers.
Brand Management
  • Separate landing page for all brands.
  • Landing page for each of the brands to show information of the brand.
  • Product listing of the respective brand with filter and sorting options.
  • A widget to place slider of featured brands anywhere on the storefront.
Testimonials - customers & vendors
  • Customers and Vendors can add testimonial for marketplace.
  • Admin moderation for the submitted testimonials.
  • Buyers can see the testimonials left by customers.
  • Vendors can see the testimonials left by vendors on the vendor panel landing page.
  • Ability to add testimonial from vendor panel.
Advanced Product Filters
  • Fast product filters with AJAX.
  • Slider to select values range for numeric attributes.
  • Ability to select multiple options from a single filter.
  • Ability to set images for filter options.
Daily Deal
  • Vendors can create deals with flat amount or percentage of price for specific time period and quantity.
  • Admin can create deal on behalf of vendors.
  • Customers can see the deals with countdown timer.
  • A widget to show a block with deal products on desired place on webfront.
Gift Card/Certificate
  • Flexible pricing of the gift cards.
  • Redeem gift code at checkout or on shopping cart.
  • Custom design choices may be created and offered to the customer.
  • Personal message may be written by customer upon purchase.
  • Vendor payout adjustments against gift card amount used to place an order.
Gift Wrap
  • Products can be wrapped individually.
  • Vendors can offer gift wrap for their products.
  • Vendors can set fee for gift wrap.
  • Extra fee for gift wrap displayed in order totals section.
  • Customers can add gift message.