Robust MarketPlace Solution

A seamless solution built and offered by the experts to leverage your market presence and obtain the best ROI!
Rocket Bazaar Marketplace is a comprehensive digital commerce solution with multi-seller/supplier functionality. The solution helps vendors/suppliers to sell and manage their own products and on the other hand enables marketplace owner to manage the suppliers and consumers seamlessly. Rocket Bazaar Marketplace Solution provides unmatched Turnkey eCommerce functionalities and incorporates all necessary business know-how to rapidly implement an effective, cutting edge Marketplace.
Marketplace Solution

Marketplace Solutions for Winners!

A Feature-rich and Scalable Marketplace Solution

Vendor Management

A robust portal from where the vendor has complete control over managing products, orders, customer / admin communication and many other essential tools to conduct business in an effective way.

Catalogue Management

A comprehensive, highly scalable and secure catalogue that runs with ease in a complex catalog architecture. Data is structured using state-of-the art technology which ensures high quality results.

Advanced Search & Filtering

We have an advanced search setup in a way to find the most accurate results, our artificial intelligence algorithm is designed in such a way to land your customer on the right results that leads to higher conversions.

Offers, Promotions & Conversion Management

Our solutions for creating promotions / offers are very dynamic to meet most of the business logic for configuring promotions. Promotion / offers can be made on the fly and applied with ease for hassle free outcome.

Orders Management

Our solution for order management provides creamy flow from sales quote to approved order, effective invoicing to payment, streamlined order fulfillment, customer centric order management feature including complex recurring based payments.

3rd Party Integration (APIs)

Our solution has very rich set of API’s and workflow designed for 3rd party to interact and exchange information to and fro. We have predefined set of rules designed to work with modern protocols to design rich connectors that meets any business requirement.

Mobile Commerce

We have mobile apps designed for all the entities involved in the marketplace; we have made sure your mobile journey is fruitful with rich and modern UI functions. We support major screen sizes, operating system that fits every customer.

Payment Gateway APIs / Connectors

We have major payment gateway connectors available for you to run your business hassle free. All major payment gateways support 3D security to enable modern security features which enables customer’s confidence while paying through an online process.

Performance Management

Our code base and structure is scalable enough to perform on large data sets. We have modern database structure to meet large complex and big data. We have designed tools to handle large volumes of traffic.

Customers Management

We have ensured a high level customer level management feature as part of the solution so that you can interact with your customers in a unified manner and that the customers can obtain a singular and powerful shopping experience.

Customer Care (Tickets & Complaints) Management

Vendors can manage tickets and complaints easily for ensuring better customer care. They can perform customer care related tasks simply and effectively.

Return & Refund Management

We have made sure that our RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is designed in an effective way to control and conclude return transactions without any delay, ensuring best possible service to customers. We have effective and secure tools for every entity involved in return policy to communicate with ease.

Logistics Management

We have ensured that entire cycle of supply chain management is covered in our work flow. From your point of origin to your point of consumption every entity is updated in a way to make the right decision in the transition cycle leading to a successful fulfillment.

Distributed Hosting

Our solution is designed with distributed hosting in mind as in it can handle hosting in the simplest as well as the most cost effective manner. Thus your marketplace store has the highest level of reliability and can get load balancing along with appropriate traffic routing in a uncomplicated and effective manner.


We have made it possible for the entire accounting function for eCommerce stores to be carried in a simple yet effective manner. For example, one can do automated tax calculation and also prepare most accounting reports easily.

Dashboard & Reports

We have enhanced dashboard designed to include most of important analytical information that can be reviewed, fully customizable dashboard to place different items through drag and drop UI formation. Detailed reports on behavior of overall marketplace are crucial to make important business decisions.


We have ensured easy way of customization of the solution by providing the ability to do a range of customization features so that customers find the store easy and attractive to use.

Trust & Safety Management

We have included enhanced parameters as part of the solution so that the trust and safety of the customer is retained. Our Solution ensures effective and trustworthy management of data in a safe and secure manner of data on the system.