Base Suite

All Essential Features to Kick-start Your Marketplace

Rocket Bazaar is a comprehensive marketplace solution with multi-seller/vendor facility. It provides a platform where buyers and sellers can transact with minimum efforts and marketplace owner can earn out of commission, promotions and order fulfillment.

Kick-start your market place with this readymade solution which covers all essential features. Focus on creating vendors, setting price, setting up logistics and policies, rest all utilities are covered under rocket bazaar suite.

Key Features

For Marketplace Owner

  • Managing vendors (view / approve / update / delete vendors at single click.)
  • Multi-vendor product catalog.
  • Persuasive checkout experience for products from multiple vendors.
  • Split order & generate PO for vendors.
  • Ability to handle simple products, configurable products.
  • Order fulfillment via multiple logistics vendors.
  • Differential commission structure (per Category, Vendor and SKU).
  • Tax management (VAT / Service Tax / CST / etc.)
  • Wide range of payment methods & Payment Gateways.
  • Notification management with ready templates.
  • Managing commission structure with tax and marketplace other fees (fixed / % based)
  • Ability to moderate customer reviews and allow display on frontend.
  • Configuration management.

For Buyers

  • Quick search.
  • Easy interface for compelling buying experience.
  • Select & buy (Compare prices from multiple vendors & select vendor before buying).
  • Seamless experience across all categories.
  • Product rating & review.
  • Vendor rating & review.
  • Social media sharing.
  • My account / Profile / Orders.

For Sellers / Vendors

  • Vendor registration & approval work flow.
  • Select & sell feature.
  • Vendor portal for products and orders management with ease.
  • Responsive dashboard with quick information about recent activities.
  • Order confirmation / Rejection work flow.
  • Orders history management.
  • Auto generated vendor payment information.
  • Generate and manage invoices.
  • Payment reconciliation.
  • Vendor feedback and ratings.
  • Vendor vacation mode and account close request.
  • Drop shipping (with Parcel Tracking).
  • Facility to import courier charges.
  • Generate packing slips and download in PDF format.
  • Vendor financial account details in vendor panel.