Reinventing the value of the Marketplace!

Idea to Inception

At Rocket Bazaar, we are a class apart! We provide the technology and the expertise essential to get robust online marketplaces up and running quickly! We are an agile team that believes in utilizing cutting-edge technology, speed and accuracy along with uncompromising quality!

You can look forward to transform your virtual business with this Enterprise Class Solution – Rocket Bazaar. Accelerate your profits and improve customer engagement with an optimized market place solution that goes a long way to ensure your enterprise success. Convert your latent potential into a winning proposition in a hyper competitive virtual market.

Why we built Rocket Bazaar

At Rocket Bazaar, we help marketplace businesses drive millions in online revenue. Through our extensive background in e-commerce, we experienced first-hand the unique challenges of marketplace commerce spanning technology, design, marketing. Especially for businesses who do not have tech in their DNA.

We solve this problem by extending your traditional e-commerce backend with a powerful layer of marketplace tools and functionality to save you time, money and most importantly, to deliver proven success. That's why we built Rocket Bazaar.

Core Promises to Clients


Our solution is built on trust, which also encompasses functionality, security of data, and other parameters.


Our Solution is designed to be modular and open in nature, so that it can be connected to any other application.


Our Marketplace is designed to be scalable enough to facilitate any size of business.


Ease of use is paramount to our development efforts! If you notice any cumbersome modules, tell us!


As a company, we will constantly update new features and functionalities to facilitate business.


We promise transparency at every step in our professional relationship. Your success is our pleasure!