Rocket Bazaar Unveils Its New Brand Identity With An Improved Logo

Rocket Bazaar logo

The newly launched brand logo underscores Rocket Bazaar’s commitment to evolving customer expectations and digital commerce transformations. The main aim of revamping our Logo design is to stay connected to customers amidst of a fiercely competitive eCommerce environment.

Creativity is the priceless jewel which our skillful designers carried out effectively. The innovative design teams which have been involved in rebranding worked closely with Rocket Bazaar team to make sure the new identity still accumulates everything that is their brand. The design, the colors, the sharpness of the logo have by no means gone into this lightly.

With the launch of the new logo, Rocket Bazaar team is promoting the logo as a fresh start for the brand. As a result, Magento expertise, promotion, digital marketing strategies, and also identity change all must be perfect and stand out in the crowd.

From the CEO

“The newly designed logo of Rocket Bazaar marks our expedition to transformation in the digital world. The new brand identity signals an even closer relationship with clients, greater innovation, and a deeper impact on their business.”

About Rocket Bazaar

Rocket Bazaar is a Magento powered highly functional multi-vendor marketplace solution where buyers and sellers can transact with ease and marketplace owner benefits by charging commissions, promotions and order fulfillment. To check out more about the services offered by Rocket Bazaar and the utilities covered under Rocket Bazaar suite, visit

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