Multi Vendor Marketplace Feature

Multi Vendor Marketplace Feature
With myriad of ecommerce solution providers available on the web, selecting a robust platform that meets your business’ and customers’ requirements can become a daunting task. There are many software providers that allow people to set up their marketplace with a few clicks. But before investing money and resources to build anything for yourself, I would recommend you to evaluate your business needs.

Once you know the specifications you are looking in an eCommerce platform, you can choose a solution that automates your business process, manage data and ease your work by customized applications. When it comes to selecting a multi vendor market place, Rocket Bazaar is an incredible solution which allows multiple vendors upload and sell their products. The solution is exceptionally user-friendly, feature-rich, scalable and flexible platform made on the latest technology stacks.

Core Features of Multi Vendor Marketplace Built with Magento 2

Vendor Management

The solution offers a completely separate user interface for vendors to add or edit, view and manage their product details, order details and transactions. There are various functionalities added in the vendor panel for categories and brands management to serve the customers browse different brands and shop by brand.

Vendor Management

Customer Management

With the help of this module, you get an extremely intuitive user interface which allows customers to quickly search and browse the products they are looking for. This also helps in understanding the customer’s behavior and their overall shopping experience.

Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Catalog Management

Products are the life line of any marketplace. You can add products from the vendor as well as admin panel. You can also create products catalog for multiple brands and products from the backend. The products catalog can be managed by the admin or the vendor by performing actions like add, edit or delete.
Magento 2 Multivendor  Marketplace Catalog Management

Multi-Seller Marketplace Orders Management

Orders management is the vital part of any business owner. Rocket Bazaar is a one-stop solution for managing the order details and order transactions where the orders can be managed from the vendor panel and admin can manage the vendor orders from the admin panel.
Multi-Seller Marketplace Orders Management

Customer Support

In order to provide the best customer services, the solution is enhanced with customer care management where vendors can manage the tickets and complaints and resolve their customers’ problems simply and effectively.

Advanced Search & Filter Options

Providing the customers an effective search box, improves their shopping experience. So, this solution helps customers quickly search the product they are looking for.

Promotion Management

You can create promotional offers to meet your business goals and brand promotion. Promotions can be made on the fly and easily apply and get hassle-free outcomes.

Returns and Refund Management

The RMA of the solution is designed in an effective way to control the returned transactions, ensuring to provide the best customer service to the customers.

Magento 2 Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module Dashboard & Reports

Rocket Bazaar solution’s dashboard is comprehensively designed to accumulate important analytical information. The dashboard can be customized to place different items through drag and drop UI formation. You will also get detailed reports on various crucial aspects of your marketplace to make important business decisions.
Vendor Dashboard

Payment Gateway APIs

The solution offers major payment gateway connectors available for you to run your business without any hassle. All the major payment gateways support modern security features which helps build customer’s confidence while paying online.

Third Party Integrations

The solution has a rich set of API’s and the workflow is designed to effortlessly perform third party integrations.

Benefits of Rocket Bazaar’s multivendor marketplace solution:

  • Built On World’s best ecommerce platform – Magento2
  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Attract More Traffic to Your Online Store
  • Accelerated Profits
  • Best ROI

If you are ready to kick-start the latest technology, features-packed ecommerce store like Amazon, simply select Rocket Bazaar multi vendor marketplace solution.

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