How does Rocket Bazaar’s Vendor Management Module Help Set up a Thriving Marketplace?

Marketplace Multi Vendor Management Module
If you’re looking to create a bustling and thriving online marketplace, with a seamless vendor management system, you’ve landed on the right page. In this blog post, we are going to focus on the features, advantages and must-have attributes of Magento Marketplace vendor management module offered by Rocket Bazaar.

Before starting, let’s quickly recall the major advantages of having your own marketplace and how it is great for the retailers and suppliers.

1. Multiple vendors can manage and sell products on your marketplace site.

2. Each vendor is given a customizable, public profile which is displayed on all product pages. Besides, the site admin can manually approve vendors.

3. Vendors can quickly upload the product info and update inventory using CSV files.

4. Vendors can easily manage the orders that include their products, giving them more control over pricing and shipping.

5. Vendors have the ability to view and update shipping information using a unique tracking code created for each order.

6. Enables sellers to manage shipping methods and costs and allow customers to choose shipping methods from predefined options.

7. Customers can view the vendors’ information including product reviews and supplier ratings.

8. Offers real-time sales reports on product sales, total sales, revenue and more, with many filtering options.

9. The site admin can charge a commission based on product category and for each vendor.

10. Multiple email notifications and alerts for approving products by admin and for every new order placed.

11. Most important feature, the module allows multiple vendors to sell the same product. The product displayed in the front-end can have a price based on admin settings.

If you are convinced of the benefits of having a marketplace, let’s check out a brief description about Rocket Bazaar’s Vendor Management module and its key takeaways.

Rocket Bazaar – A Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Solution

Vendor Management module

The Rocket Bazaar vendor management module is designed to help business owners like you, transform their online store into a profitable, fully functional multi-vendor marketplace where any number of vendors can add, update, track and manage a large number of products and orders through their respective vendor accounts in your Marketplace website.

Each vendor can have their own customized dashboard, and they contribute in running your marketplace without the need of giving the admin privileges to too many people. This helps both vendors and site admin to manage the customers’ shopping process (from login to checkout) in a hassle-free way. From managing products, orders, shipping methods, payment methods, fulfilling orders and tracking sales, everything is streamlined to let your eCommerce marketplace store run smoothly.

Rocket Bazaar’s vendor management module is filled with distinctive features for both, admin as well as the vendors. Here’s a comprehensive list of exciting features distilled in the module:

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Admin Features

  • Multiple merchants can upload their products directly to your marketplace.
  • Give limited access to other employees to manage their products from the front-end without using the Admin interface.
  • Admin can update the product information, shipping options and vendor capabilities.
  • Admin can set a separate registration and login page for vendors.
  • Admin has access to all the products added by the seller.
  • Admin can modify a product’s supplier/owner from the back-end.
  • Admin can quickly generate a vendor’s sales report any time.
  • Easy filtering options for sales reports by vendors, product categories, customer groups and more.
  • Admin has access to billing report for each order.
  • Admin can decide whether the imported products will be approved automatically or needs approval from admin panel, this also imply for the products imported from CSV files.
  • Admin can easily track billing to organize and manage the monthly vendor payments.
  • Apart from the advantages mentioned above, Admin is offered numerous customization options to enhance the look and functioning of the marketplace. Let’s have a glance on those multifarious options:

  • Product forms can be easily customized from the admin panel.
  • Admin can decide which attribute set he wants to set for particular products.
  • Admin can structure and display the categories available for all vendors or set them for individual vendors.
  • Admin can set up which orders will be displayed on the vendor’s order list.
  • Admin can configure the tax group for the suppliers’ products.
  • Admin can choose if SKU will be auto-generated or vendors can define products SKU.
  • Admin can define how many images can be uploaded per product by suppliers.
  • Admin can configure what product type can be created by supplier.
  • Admin can specify the type of down loadable product files and the max size.
  • Vendors can add new products of any type (simple, virtual, down loadable and configurable), each containing a product description, meta data and images.
  • Vendor can import products from a CSV file and their images.
  • Vendor can preview products on the frontend before they go live.
  • Vendor can view and manage their products from the frontend.
  • Vendor can add new elements to the supplier product form.
  • Supplier can clone their product.
  • Easily print and save shipping information according to the selected carrier’s requirements.
  • Tools and Dashboard Settings for Vendors

  • Every vendor has a link on their dashboard page with the products upload and management features.
  • The dashboard is decorated with sales and revenue graphs for each vendor.
  • Vendors can manage their orders, shipping process, and create invoices for orders.
  • Vendor/Admin notifications for new orders, new products uploaded/approved.
  • Most Viewed Products, Bestsellers, Ordered Products and export to CSV are some extra add-ons.
  • Vendors can set multiple shipping methods for their products, while customers can select their own preferred shipping option.
  • Vendor can set up the notifications they will get from admin side.
  • The best thing about this multi-supplier module is that customers can easily buy from any number of vendors at the same time. The site admin has full control over the suppliers and their products. The admin can easily validate products information, set up the shipping options and taxes. The best feature of this robust vendor management module is that admin can easily accept or reject the vendor or seller request and set the commission for all vendors at a time.

    Owning a marketplace means you have lots of vendors with lots of SKUs and lots of customers that means you will have a great amount of traffic in your online store. Marketplace Module is as scalable as your online Magento store, which means it will not affect your existing store performance and will support all your standard Magento cache handlers. That means there is no limit at vendor and product level any number of vendors and products can be added to the store.

    Still seeking more information? Contact us or simply drop us an email, we’ll be glad to connect with you to help you out!

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