24 Feasible Ways to fetch Traffic to Your Ecommerce Online Store

ecommerce storeWish to have bonus traffic and additional sales for your online store? If you’re inquisitive whether or not you’re doing the foremost to your store, then this is often the post for you. Here’s a fun idea: Implement each of these ways every single day over following period and on the crack of doom of this two-week sprint, evaluate, take stock, and discover what worked best for you. This post is all about obtaining traffic to your store by targeting influencers and fetching attention.

If you’re searching for immediate traffic, and have put aside some funds for promotional use, paying for on-line ads may be a quick thanks to build a client base. However, don’t pay based on how often your ad is displayed, but rather only when someone clicks on it. When you have ample time and searching for an extended term strategy, there are variety of nice ways that like SEO, social media and email to urge the public’s attention. Here are some ways that to guide those shoppers to your virtual door.

1.Up-selling and Cross-selling
Up-selling, a Sales technique in which a seller stimulates the customer to buy add-ons, or more costly items with a view to make more profitable sale.

Suggesting a premium alcohol brand even when a brand is not set by a customer
Advising to buy more RAM or a larger hard drive when assigning a computer
Suggesting that a customer ought to purchase an extensive car wash package

Cross-selling is the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. In practice, the objectives of cross-selling can be either to increase the income derived from the clients. For that reason, it is necessary to assure that the additional product or service being sold to the client or clients enhances the value the clients get from the organization.

Generally, large businesses usually combine both (Upselling and cross-selling) to increase the revenue and maximize profit. While doing so, it must ensure that its relationship with the client is not disrupted.

2.Integrate with Instagram
The more you are building your Instagram following, the more you are going to engage with your customers. A recent survey states that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform & The average order value from Instagram marketing is $65.00 (If you use the appropriate filters, right hashtags, and post at the right times). Thus, integrating with Instagram is one of the most practical Ways to fetch Traffic to Your Ecommerce Online Store.

How do you get attention for your newly launched store? It’s quite simple and easy. Get started by looking through popular accounts, trending hashtags and their usernames. Popular pages of Instagram have thousands of followers list & if your product is closely relevant to its page then you are on bull’s eye. Deal anything that is beneficial for them as well for your newly established business.

3.Capture more Email Subscribers
Email is one of the elite channels to drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Online Store. It surpasses Twitter and Facebook for generating sales. People cherish new messages sent to their personal emails as it gives you the space to say things that just can’t fit into any social media post. Be active about promoting your newsletters to get as many subscribers as possible. According to the Direct Marketing Association Survey:
60% customers confesses that hey subscribe to an email list from a business to receive special offers.
70% of people make use of coupons from email.
80% of people say they receive marketing messages everyday.
Email has an Return of Investment of approximately 4,300%

4.Generate more product Reviews
As per the survey conducted by Online magazine Internet Retailer, ecommerce conversion rate rises by 14-76% if product reviews are added to your online store as a result of which sales is increased. Social proof: Product reviews are a form of testimonials & you can know what people are saying about a product that you want to buy. SEO: Product Reviews naturally increases the amount of content on a page & probability to hit a few long tail keywords.

Here’s an example of a store:
Raw Generation, an online ecommerce store, hooks solicits product reviews as it has a dedicated page for them. Till now, 575 customers have submitted comments about its products.

Well, this is one of the most substantial aspects to increase traffic to your online ecommerce store. Let’s consider that you have a store of clothes for woman and here’s the deal: You wish it to be looked at when anyone types ‘Clothes for woman’, ‘Clothes for ladies’, etc. Admit that there is going to be a cut throat competition in this type of businesses and that’s why SEO makes its mark here. Search Engine Optimization is one of the practical ways to drive audience to go to your store and purchase the products. The better the SEO, the more will be the reach and ultimately more will be the conversion rates.

6.Fostering with Facebook
After Instagram, let’s talk about Facebook as it isn’t just a great source of traffic but you can also sell your products directly on Facebook Store. Easy to set up, and better to integrate with, FB store is a great channel for making sales. Now, you don’t have to keep a separate track for inventory changes & moreover making it easier for customers to arrive on the largest social media platform.

7.Wishlist Email Reminder
The Wishlist Reminder Email is closely supposed to convince you take the final step in purchasing the product that you’ve had the intent to buy. Have an item on sale that’s been put into a lot of wishlists? Send out an email to let your customer know. They just need the trigger to purchase the item. Thus, this is one of the aspects to increase traffic to your online ecommerce store

8.Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE)
Comparison shopping engines are employed by merchants who add items or upload their online catalogs to it. CSE are considered product-specific search queries because they’re designed to link users to specific online storefronts. CSE do not offer the merchandise themselves, some may earn commissions when users follow the links in the search results and buy something from the online vendor. Customers can compare merchandise prices without having to perform extensive searches themselves in order to decide where to buy a particular product.

9.Improve Ad Spending (PPC and Banner Ads)
Are you experimental in your ad spending? One of the best ways to attract potential visitors is PPC. Pay-per-click advertising: You buy ads on Google or Bing, pay only when a shopper clicks, and generate specific amounts of traffic that will result in pre-decided numbers of additional sales. As per May 2013 report from the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council, 79% smartphone owners are also “smartphone shoppers. Smartphones and tablets are changing the way that people shop.
Banner Ads: Leading online retailers like Amazon, Diapers.com,Zappos, and Bonobos, use traditional advertising in magazines, via direct mail marketing,on radio stations,traditional advertising to help generate sales. Example: Approximately, 400 sales were made when a direct piece of advertising was sent to 10,000 households.

10.Improve Email Campaigns
Is it just enough to seize millions of email addresses? Does it have any effect or impact if you don’t make any good use of it. You actually have to send them regular emails. There are lots of occasions for sending emails that your subscribers appreciate like Send out regular newsletters, and let subscribers know of product tips, new discount offers, and company’s important news.

11.Trending with Twitter
Well, if you don’t know then let us remind that Twitter is the biggest competitor of Facebook and does everything to make its mark on the audience. Here’s a simple Twitter Strategy: Search Twitter for keywords related to your business, help people by adding value to them by pitching a good sales approach, let people discover themselves why your tweets are valuable. There are a lot of ways to get on peoples’ radars as a cool new store. Log in through Twitter, tweet something interesting with mouthwatering and shareable pictures.

12.Do Market Research & Anticipate Future Sales
If you have the capability to expand or grow your product line, then you should absolutely evaluate the demands of the current market and check it out if it’s worth the costs. You can do that by geographic validation, and looking at social media trends. Doing the Market Research is one of the excellent ways to drive traffic to your ecommerce online store. Another way to do the same is anticipate or forecast or predict or prognosticate the future sales of your firm. That means you will have to analyze the products which is sold the most and the least altogether to particularly focus on the product chain/line.

13.Affiliate networks
Everybody love a virtuous cycle. Today almost all retailers are using affiliate programs to drive sales, competition for good quality affiliates. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your specialized ecommerce online store is to ensure that you get the top affiliates to promote individual products. Product feeds allow affiliates to promote individual products in the context of their content, increasing click through and conversions.

14.Reduce Abandoned Carts
Customers add items to their carts but abandon their carts during checkout. According to the Baymard Institute, 68% of shopping carts are abandoned before they’re completed. One of the effective ways to reduce the incidence of abandoned carts is a sweet email recovery campaign to convince your customers to complete their purchase. Weave a good customer oriented email that entices them to return to their cart.

15.Get what they want
Do you know that store’s bad design can result you losing valuable customers?. It means if you are lacking a clear proposition, not writing best product descriptions, then chances are you are repelling the customers. They want beautiful navigation and user-friendly website to surf on. So give what they want’ strategy comes in handy from the point when customers comes to your landing page. It is one of the most toughest thing to convert that user to a potential buyer.

16.Engage with your visitors
It’s not about sending crap mails and reminders to be in touch with your visitors. But, you could direct your visitors to your social media profiles like gGrgeous Instagram feed or Funny Facebook Page. It is an utmost rule that every ecommerce store must blog punctually to connect with fans and to rank better for SEO.

17.Link to Linkedin
Linkedin is one of the most powerful tool as per the business point of view. You can make a better use of it if you know how to use it effectively. Yes, it is specifically designed for professionals and so please, don’t spam it with your fun or any other misleading products. All you have to do is making a beautiful ecommerce post of the page which you can share that is related and relevant to some of the community on Linkedin. This is one of the under-achiever but highly effective ways to fetch the traffic to your ecommerce online store.

18.Emphasize Friends and Families to Share
Is your family or friend planning for any reunion? If yes, Good otherwise send a note, and tell them about your new ecommerce online store. Don’t ask them to buy your products but instead instead offer them your products for free & in return tell them to share the post, articles, pictures on various social networks. This is very in effect way to get more friendly audience and visitors

19.Reach Out to Blogger and Press
With bloggers, vloggers, and press, the size of their audience varies, but some of them have large followings. “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie. Instead of reaching out by sending a sample of your product, you might get traffic in a more roundabout way: By writing a blog post about them, and sending it to them in an email or via Twitter.

Want to get more traffic? Press is the best platform an ecommerce store can get significantly. Well, you might not be featured in big newspapers but you surely get an applauds in local community and channels.

20.X-Factor: Use tools and apps to promote your product
There are tools that can benefit your online efforts & you can use it accordingly and properly if it helps a bit. Example: Liketoknow.it gives users the ability to tag items in their photos that links to the item online and people can buy the things directly. It allows you to track which photo generates the most revenue and drives the most engagement.

21.Create a value-driven blog
It’s estimated that over 82% firm employ content strategy but 32% are effective. Thus, all you need to do to be in that 32% is to seek out your customers and get their stories published. Ask them what your brand means to them , why they choose your brand over others, and how your brand makes them feel. Put your customer as the central focus and you will be on your way to success.

22.Publish videos of your products
Video is a powerful selling tool that provides the right information at the right time to consumers. A benefit of publishing on YouTube is the fact that it is the second largest search engine behind Google.

23.Word of mouth
Take advantage of the foundation for your online word of mouth marketing to your networks:Friends, Families and Colleagues. You can make these efforts even easier by adopting a formal customer referral or advocacy program. This is one of the very practical ways to drive traffic to your ecommerce store.

24.Host a Social or Entertainment Contest
Social media contests is an effective tool for encouraging customer engagement and potentially sending traffic to a store’s website. They can have dozens to hundreds of entries and get traffic to the retailer’s site and blog. Online retailers can publish interesting and entertaining content that attracts new site visitors.An excellent and recent example of entertainment marketing comes from European mobie network.

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